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Systemic Tissue Release Work

The aim of this Course is to give bodyworkers an understanding of the physical manifestations of traumas that originate from the generational family system as experienced through the work of Hellinger Family Constellation, (taught internationally by practitioners of Bert Hellinger), and teach them how to apply this understanding to the healing of ongoing physical issues from which their clients may be suffering.
The course will teach techniques for inviting the atmosphere within which a deeper release may happen, as well as verbal and hands-on techniques for facilitating release of traumas from the DNA within the skeletal, muscular, and fascial tissues, moving towards resolution of said issues.
I have many documented examples of clients who were freed from ongoing physical issues which traditional therapeutic bodywork could not resolve. The systemic understanding that therapists gain through experiencing their own individual constellation centered around a body issue, gets transmitted without words - the first step to inviting the release process.  Both this and the specific tissue work will greatly increase the therapists’ ability to relieve their clients pain and discomfort, sometimes permanently.

Continuing Education Workshops

June 25-26 from 9AM-6PM  16 credits

August 27-28 from 9AM-6PM  16 credits

You may also do a one day experience on June 25 and/or August 27 for 8 credits

Cost for the two days is $270

For the first day it is $170

For information call (928) 204-2489

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Divyo Kuhlmann