Introduction to Balancing Giving and Taking in Business and Relationships

Introduction to Balancing Giving and Taking in Business and Relationships

Participants from the previous Constellation Intensive have expressed an interest in having another 3 month Intensive. This time the focus could be on issues work/business related. Naturally it will also include any issues that may arise for you during the Intensive.

We often have no idea how unresolved issues in the family history may run interference with us truly expressing our gift and being financially successful.

Perhaps there may be resources available to us that we have not considered or we may be reenacting unresolved issues from our family of origin.

Sometimes we miss acknowledging the progress we have already made and how close we have come to conclusion.
A couple from Europe had been very successful in their Real Estate business. They decided to open another business selling home insurance policies. She was in charge of the real estate office and he was president of the board of the company selling home insurance. Over time the husband became more and more miserable with his work and it was burdening their relationship. He hated having to attend the monthly board meetings where a talented board member had wormed his way into taking the lead position and dominating the meetings. This board member would always come early to the meetings and take the chair at the head of the table where previously the husband would have sat who then would end up sitting to the left of his

Upon inquiry we found out that this was a replay of a conflict the husband had had with his younger brother who always found ways to dominate him.

When he saw this he decided to experiment and to make it a point to show up early enough to take the chair at the head of the table. It was as if he had given himself permission to reclaim his position as founder of the company. From that place he was also able to honor the talent of his rival as an important resource.

This Systemic Constellation Intensive will require a 3 months commitment. We will meet once a month for a full day (probably a Sunday) and separately for one Saturday afternoon.

Each participant will get the opportunity to set up their constellation.