Sedona Healing Retreats


Come to Sedona for Healing and Renewal

You have spent a great deal of your life learning the skills that allow you to navigate in the world.   You have learned the skills to navigate that world effectively and successfully; whether that be the corporate or medical, artistic or industrial, the family or the social. These skills involve many abilities to control and manipulate your environment in a variety of strategic applications.

You’ve also learned how to control your behavior, your emotions, your focus to aid you in the completion of the goal and tasks that you and others have set for you and as much as these learned skills aid you in the world they also have a cost—tension, conflict, personal loss, disillusionment, frustration. How to deal with these byproducts of our learned behavior is not generally covered in a corporate manual or even in a medical journal.

These are times when you need to consult with someone who knows how the mechanisms of the mind and heart function. Because when all else fails—when your social and personal environment can’t be controlled, when the stress of controlling your behavior and emotions becomes too much to bear, you need to consult with someone who can help you peel away the layers of the false and help your return to your true nature.

Divyo and Ramananda have spent their lives learning how to navigate in the inner world of consciousness—whether that be how to reduce stress, how to see where the blockages are in the body, mind and heart and to help you beak them up so that your energy, your aliveness can run freely and smoothly again.

They understand that in any successful life as you become more and more capable as more and more is expected of you. Your system—your body, mind and heart need to drop the baggage of the past in order to be able to function with freshness; creatively, effectively and efficiently in the present moment, leaving yesterday's or even the last moment's frustrations, mistakes and losses and even gains behind to make room for what is possible in this moment.

Life needs you to be as fully present as you can be in whatever you do.

Divyo and Ramananda’s skills and capabilities are waiting for you.


Come to Sedona and experience what is possible for you, now!