Fields of Grace

Fields of Grace

Native Americans believe as the individual heals, we heal seven generations back and seven generations forward creating fields of grace through all time and space.

Family Soul Retrievel

Family Soul Retrievel

Each family has a soul or a morphogenic field of consciousness. All events occurring within the family field impact all family members through the ages.

Hidden entanglements

Hidden entanglements

Are hidden entanglements from your family's past effecting your present?

Barriers to love

Barriers to love

Are unresolved patterns in your family history holding you back in your ability to give and receive love?.

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Family Constellations - Sedona Healing - Family Counseling

Healing the Family Within

Resolve and heal issues from generations past
with Family Constellations

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Divyo and Rama

  • Improve Relationships

  • Process Trauma

  • Move Through Grief

Family Constellation work is about repairing your past and your future, from the arms of the present.   It is grounded in the family and heals the entanglements that keep you limited in your everyday life.  The entanglements may have started long ago, perhaps even generations far back in your family history.

 The work is offered in Group Counseling and Individual Counseling sessions, as well as Phone Consultations.

It is well known that we inherit physical traits from our parents. What is less known is that we also inherit our family's emotional patterns. While our physical traits are easily discernable, our emotional legacy is more obscure. We are profoundly affected by our family history. Traumatic events such as the premature death of a parent, sibling or child, an abandonment, crime or suicide can exert a powerful influence over us, and, in fact, can leave their imprint on our entire family system for generations. These imprints then become the family blueprint, as family members unconsciously repeat the sufferings of the past. Family patterns from generations back can play a role in current personal and family dynamics. Unresolved traumas from our ancestors can have an unseen influence in our lives.

Family Constellations work has been regarded as a leading healing modality in Europe for more than a decade. It is based on the work of Bert Hellinger and his understanding of the "Orders of Love". When discord arises in a family system, Hellinger understands it is because the natural order of love has been disturbed. For example, a family trauma may cause a child to take on the burden of a parent which is out of the natural order of love as it is the parent's responsibility to care for the child and not the other way around.


Sedona Family Soul Retrieval

Each family has a soul or a morphogenic field of consciousness and that field encompasses all family members regardless of how much time or distance seems to separate. All events occurring within the family field impact all family members through the ages.

Native American people believe that as the individual heals, we heal seven generations back and seven generations forward.

We do not need to know what happened in the past to our ancestors for it to have an effect on us in present time. However, we also do not need to continue to carry the burden of our ancestors. Family Constellations offers a process and a framework to access and clear these hidden family entanglements.





It was fantastic to have this experience.  I really needed to hear my husband's representative say those words and for me to talk without fear to him and to walk away and say Goodbye and feel the giddy excited girl going off to play and flirt with life.   At the  end of the session in the circle I felt "It is Done" and then heard the soft whisper in my left ear "It is Done".   You are a blessing and the work is gratifying.

 I am blessed and grateful and God did answer my prayers.

 I recommend doing a Constellation for yourself and your family.  It is very powerful work!

 I thank you from the bottom of my heart.   M



Dear Divyo,


Ever since my husband got to set up his family of origin; he does not get angry the way he used to.
I can't wait to do more of this work.



Dear Divyo,

The work you did with me and my ancestors and family relations was excellent.  It seems to have finally freed me from the position I had held so long in my family and given me so much more compassion for my family and others(now I wonder what burdens everyone else is carrying!).

Thank you for your work.  It has helped me move forward unemcumbered. 

With appreciation,

Dear Divyo,

I travelled all the way to Switzerland to participate in a workshop with one of the most highly regarded  facilitators in Europe.
I set up my Constellation and I must say that  the work I did with you before I left  for Germany was more powerful and more meaningful, too.

Thank you,


Dear Divyo and Craig,

After the constellation about my grandfather
who was sent to Siberia in 1934 as a punishment
for being a rich farmer.
I got business proposals and scheduled 5 workshops
in Russia which are going to happen in December - January.
It means my money -business problem is getting better.
Just after the constellation I got a third class to teach
in my college (before they gave me only 2)
I did many constellations during this year.
And I have had a lot of changes in my life and relationships.
My sons became much closer to me and to each other.
They communicate now every day and support each other.
I feel better about my mom and sister and there is much
more harmony in our relationship.
The relationship with my husband is getting better and better.

I came to Divyo a year ago I think and it was a last chance
for me to survive. Because I was in a deep depression
and suffered from adjustment disorder after immigrating
to the US two years ago.

Group work and individual work helped me to get out of
depression and to begin to believe in myself.
After several individual constellations I started my work as
an instructor in college and became much more independent.

Now I am a happy woman and on the way to self realization.
My Russian friends here (US immigrants) are amazed that
I am adapting so fast to this country.
It took 2 years for me to learn to drive a car, find a normal job,
to find friends and feel good, to start to grow as a person.   
Normally it would take much longer; usually from 3 to 6 years.
I want to be a Family Constellations facilitator and help people
to come back to life, overcome immigrant challenges and
to discover their potentials as Divyo and Craig have helped me.
My gratitude is endless and I wish their business to grow
all over America as they are doing a great job and I want
more and more people to profit from this work.

Thank you so much,

Dear Divyo and Craig,

I want to thank you for your amazing gifts. 
Our sessions together have blessed me with unprecedented healing.
You are such an amazing facilitator of
the "Family Field".
In addition my experience as a 'Representative' allowed the release of
deeply engrained feelings of guilt and grief.
Thank you so much for the Honor of being involved
in the Sacred Healing space that you so graciously facilitate.
Highest Loving regards,

Hallo Divyo,

It was such a joy to speak with you yesterday. Thank you.
I had been feeling an unrest, an unease. Now I feel I have more insight and a measure of comfort.
Today I have been told that I look different: my smile is wider, my face looks more relaxed,
a heaviness that had been felt about me is no longer there.

I think it all has much to do with the gift that you have given me.




mother daughter family counseling


A Mother's daughter:
Feedback after Divyo met with her 16 year old daughter-

I can't believe what you have done for my daughter in just one session.  All this time I have been pushing her to deal with her anxiety and to overcome it. And you gave her permission to have anxiety and it changed every thing for her.
Thank you, thank you,





In his article, "The Five Levels of Healing", Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD has said  the Fourth Level of Healing
is the highest level at which a therapeutic relationship is possible.  He calls this level the dream body or intuitive body.

 "Healing on this level often leads to instant disappearance of the associated unresolved conflicts on the third (mental) level, emotional issues (second), and first level physical symptoms or biochemical abnormalities.

At this level is the work of Bert Hellinger and his Family Constellations work which is used to resolve family and generational conflicts.


"I never would have expected this.

 I feel a new sense of Loving Presence in every part of my body.

 I used to feel like I did not even belong in this family.

 Now, I feel deeply connected in a peaceful and loving way."

 Feedback from Brian


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Discover your Roots

 “As we find harmony with our ancestors,

 we find ourselves in alignment with life itself”
Bert Hellinger

Discover your Roots

Systemic Family Constellations

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I had a car accident followed by a fall and a rib contusion. I had heard that
the family constellation work could help uncover the systemic roots
of accident patterns.
I was very surprised at what was revealed in the constellation.
There is no other type of session or psychological work that could
have shown the roots of this pattern. It turned out to be a burden
that was passed on from my grandfather's generation and that
I was carrying and living out. I do feel that the session helped me
turn a corner, and lighten a very heavy load that was sitting
in  my sub-conscious.
I highly recommend this work, it is mysterious and very helpful
in  dissolving the negative life patterns that we carry.
Divyo is highly skilled, and very intuitive and the work happens
in a relaxed and trusting atmosphere. All the people involved
help to support the space and the whole unfolding of the process.
It is a profound journey which gives us a real understanding
of our past, completing what might still be holding us to the past, as it  helps us move on with our life.

Premdevi, Sedona, AZ.

Divyo and Ram facilitated a very safe, responsive, and alive space that allowed me to connect with the energy of my family lineage in such a way that completely shifted my relating to my beloved, yet estranged father into a space of healing transformation.   I see great value in recognizing my ancestors choiceless destinies, and by doing so, seize the opportunity to mutate beyond these ancient genetic patterns.  This experience was totally correct for me, and I am humbled to have stepped into my destined role in my own Family Constellation. 

 Serving as a representative in a family constellation session is challenging and supremely rewarding work. Not only do I learn to surrender in the moment, I often experience the gift of resonance with my own lineage, facilitating greater understanding of the forces that have shaped me. Additionally there is the exciting opportunity to fully embody realities not part of my prior experience, whether wounded or healthy, thereby deepening my emotional range and expanding my perception of what is possible. I never leave a constellation without having had some new revelation about myself and/or the human experience. Thank you, R

 “I hadn't spoken to my mother for 20 years. After the Family Constellation session, I couldn't wait to call her and we cried and talked for over three hours. My mother, who is in her 70s, came all the way to Sedona to have her own session,
just because of the changes she saw in me.”   SD, San Jose, CA                                                        

 Hello Divyo & Rama: I just wanted to share with you that I woke up this morning with an incredible sense of lightness of being.
It was as if I had gotten rid of a huge load off my shoulders. I experienced such peace, joy, contentment and state of Grace.
Much love and gratitude, A    Prescott, AZ

Early man experienced life as not two; spirit and flesh were one.  
The tribe, the family and the individual were of one soul.  
How a family within this tribal soul related to its members was based upon, what has been called by Bert Hellinger, the Orders of Love.

 So much of what we struggle with in life -whether it be health issues or career related or we simply can't find the right partner- is often an
expression of unresolved pain, grief, loss or guilt of our ancestors.

 Out of a deep need to belong and to be loyal to those that brought us here, we tend to take on their burdens.

 Family Constellations are designed to bring these unconscious
entanglements out into the open and offer new solutions that are in alignment with 'The Orders of Love' creating  harmony and
empowerment in peoples' lives.