Divyo Maria Kuhlmann Systemic Family Constellations

(Maria Kuhlmann)


When I was little I always wanted to see everybody being happy - especially my family and loved ones. If they were happy life was good. Whenever there was conflict it was very hard on me. So I set out to try and help everybody to be happy as best I could. I worked hard to bring home good grades and to be athletic.

So, after graduating from high school it seemed natural to enroll to become a psychologist. I learned about couples communication, treatment of anorexia, Psychodrama and many other useful healing modalities. The subject of my Masters theses was women's empowerment and after completing my degree in Psychology I offered empowerment groups for women as well as management trainings and seminars for young adults in Switzerland,

A near death experience and the loss of my first love catapulted me on the spiritual path and the journey of self discovery. As part of that journey I began to explore meditation and healing work. I trained in Energywork, Rebirthing Therapy, Tibetan Pulsation Healing and Massage Therapy.

I moved to the US to be with my husband, Craig (Ramananda). When we were challenged by unresolved family conditions we both were introduced into Bert Hellinger's approach to Family Constellation Work. It was like a homecoming for me and transformed my healing work with my clients. We trained extensively with both Suzi Tucker and Hella Neuman, and had the blessing of joining Bert Hellinger's workshops in Munich and Louisville.

Divyo graduated with an advanced degree in clinical psychology from the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Meunster, Germany. After graduation she taught classes in Practical Psychology at the Westphalian Wilhelms University and facilitated seminars and retreats in Germany and Switzerland.

After several years working in the field, she felt something was missing from psychology alone. She then traveled to the Far East, which brought a whole new dimension to her work. She deeply explored the connection between body, mind and spirit as part of her own inner journey.

Divyo trained in Creative Therapy, Psychodrama, Hypnotherapy, Rebirthing, Spiritual Inquiry, Myofascial Release and many other modalities.

Intrigued by the beauty and efficiency of the work of Bert Hellinger, in early 2006, she started implementing Hellinger Family Constellations into the work with her clients. Since then, Hellinger Family Constellations has become an essential part of her healing practice.